Our Virtual Resource Guide

Welcome to CPL’s Virtual Resource Guide! The purpose of this guide is to provide a compilation of free educational online resources aimed towards students of all ages, parents, and educators.


We are living in a unique time where most circumstances are well beyond anyone’s control thanks to COVID-19. For almost every student, this means that school has been moved to distance learning for the remainder of the school year. For parents, it means trying to balance working from home (or having to go to work if they are considered essential personnel) and, at the same time, working with their kids to ensure they are completing their assigned school work. It can be incredibly challenging for parents to balance all of this right now! And for educators, this change means having to adapt to teaching students via distance learning from home.

Libraries are repositories of information; therefore, it is our mission to make resources available to everyone. We hope that you will find our ever-evolving guide to be useful, educational, and fun, and we encourage feedback and comments on our posts.