Free eBooks and eAudiobooks

There are currently many websites and publishers allowing free access to eBooks and eAudiobooks (aside from CPL’s RB Digital platform, but you can only access this with a Canterbury Public Library card and not a library card from a different town). We’ve compiled the following list for you:

Junior Library Guild’s Free Digital Online Reading Platform:

Access several Junior Library Guild digital books:

Project Gutenberg’s Children’s Bookshelf:

There are a lot of free classic children’s books available here:

International Children’s Digital Library:

There is a large collection of digital children’s books available in many different languages:

Gateway to the Classics:

You can access a large collection of children’s classic literature here:


Amazon offers several free eBook versions of children’s stories, but a Kindle and Amazon account are required to download and access these:

Oxford Owl:

While this website requires you to register for an account to access its eBooks, it is free and the collection is aimed at ages 3-11 years:


This is a huge, searchable database of free eAudiobooks with classic titles ranging from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Collection:

Spotify Playlist of Various eBook Chapters:

You can find dozens of recorded chapters from Juvenile and YA books:

Distance Learning and Students with Disabilities: Resources for Parents and Educators

Please view the following links to articles and websites on suggestions for helping students with disabilities with distance learning.

How to Help Students with a Hearing Impairment:

5 Accessibility Actions You Can Take When You’re Moving Your Conference or Classes Online: